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We won 2 awards at the OutSystems Innovation Awards!

OutSystems announced today, at its annual event NextStep 2022, the winners of the Innovation Awards, a distinction that rewards customers and organizations that best exemplify the high potential of low-code technology to make IT and software development more agile, proactive, and sustainable in creating business-critical applications.

The two awards won were in the categories “Environmental Impact” and “Excellence in Business- Enterprise Business”, by SUEZ and Boston Scientific, respectively:

  • SUEZ: Environmental Impact – SUEZ enables customers in 40 countries to provide access to water and waste services with resilient and innovative solutions. A traceable supply chain is crucial for trust in a highly regulated industry. Leveraging its existing investment in blockchain, SUEZ worked with OutSystems partner Devoteam to accelerate “SludgeAdvanced,” a digital solution for trusted traceability all along the value chain of sewage sludge organic recovery.
  • Boston Scientific: Excellence in Business- Enterprise Business – Boston Scientific’s healthcare solutions and partnerships team develops flexible, data-driven solutions with leading healthcare institutions to improve patient care while lowering costs. To facilitate fast, iterative innovation, Boston Scientific came to OutSystems and delivery partner Devoteam. Their first product, Clearpath, is a navigation tool for multidisciplinary hospital teams to support patients’ clinical history review, care, and monitoring through complex pathways, including specific heart procedures, implants, and soon, cancer treatments.

These two new recognitions continue to make the entire team proud and prove the value we can add to all our customers and partners.