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Better change is for everyone

And the power of technology amplifies and scales positive social impacts.

The Devoteam Fondation

We have a conviction: shaping tech for people unlocks the future. The Devoteam Foundation brings this #TechforPeople vision to life, helping NGOs reach their full potential with world-changing work.

We care about using our tech expertise to create better change in the world. And to help NGOs and social entrepreneurs reach operational excellence while maximizing their social impact. 

The #TechforPeople Programme transforms and powers up their digital strategy, all the while promoting responsible and positive technology.

50 associations or social entrepreneurs supported
200 experts engaged and helping create better change
2000 days of pro bono work from the Devoteam Foundation

Create engagement for a better change

NGOs, associations and social entrepreneurs are often in need of strategic, creative tech. And we take our responsibility to help them scale seriously.

We initiate skills-based sponsorship from Devoteam consultants – pro bono – directly to the doors of those who need it.

Skills-based sponsorship

These consulting missions guide non-profit players in their digital transformation. We help NGOs and associations define their needs around tech, then we offer our support on their transformation plans for the long run.

TechforPeople Lab

The lab is made up of a 3-hour smart and multidisciplinary workshop, where a mix of Devoteam experts ‘brainstorm’ solving business and tech issues for a specific NGO or social entrepreneur. We use an agile method, with a highly productive and collaborative sprint session that’s rooted in creativity.


Technology can make better change happen. And it’s our responsibility to use our expertise in this way. We take part in national and European think tanks, develop methodologies and publish useful opinion papers to spread the word of our findings.

The Foundation Devoteam in Action

Sarah Le Mesre

Skill-based sponsorship Director

Magali Regnault

Head of Advocacy – Devoteam Foundation

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