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Tips to adopt a Nearshore Portugal company on your strategy

nearshore operation portugal

COVID-19 brought to the market and the companies the need for fast digital transformations.

Social distancing, lockdowns and economic contraction led the companies to adopt new technologies, to look for new solutions so they can keep being competitive in the market. Companies are looking to improve their ROI: new technologies and new services of nearshore are been seen as a solution to improve it.

They are planing in the long-term how can they include these types of platforms or services in their business and be more efficient and more competitive in the future.

Consequences for companies

The many consequences of COVID-19 have created a range of challenges for IT companies. For the great majority, there is pressure to cut operating expenses, freeze new hires and still commit to increasing their digital transformations and capabilities. 

Yet a nearshore team is well placed to partner with CIOs or IT Director’s to navigate this new economic reality and bring in skills, expertise and continuity to their IT departments to ensure they come through the crisis stronger.

Nearshore Operation

Establishing a nearshore operation is one of the most certain initiatives your organisation may adopt to increase its IT capacityextend the skill set of your teamaccelerate your organisation’s agility cycle or even shorten your cloud journey.

There isn’t a magic recipe for nearshore adoption nor a single path. In this guide, we compile a set of points you may consider when defining your own approach. This was built from BOLD long-term symbiotic business relationships with several leading companies in their industries.

Good for Culture

Company culture is something that is always referred to as key for any organisation, but it becomes even more important when we are talking about outsourcing. In these types of businesses, the majority of employees are dispersed widely around clients, cities, countries, cultures and time zones.

That is why it is of the utmost importance to cultivate a human-centred and people-first culture. That’s the only way to create true cohesion and a sense of belonging and purpose. One way to achieve this is to have a well-planned and well-organized onboarding process with the aim of making people feel welcome and be treated as a critical driver of value to clients. And this is something that we truly care about.

Why is important to have a Nearshore Portugal Strategy? 

Nearshore refers to business processes that are outsourced to a country that is not too far from the original location. Portugal is one of the most popular nearshore destinations for companies looking for qualified, low cost, English-speaking resources.

There are three main reasons why companies choose to outsource their business processes to Portugal:

  1. Cost savings
  2. Qualified resources
  3. Expertise in specific areas 

In Portugal, there is a lot of talent and there are many companies that need this kind of service. With experience in Nearshore since 2012, Devoteam is ready to support your company to scale your team and reach your goals.

Interested to know if our Nearshore services are a good fit for your needs? Connect with our experts for a consultation.

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