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Devoteam invests in Portugal

The Devoteam brand arrives in Portugal, taking on a new positioning, new skills and more investment in the Portuguese technological market, based on the vision “Tech for People unlocks the Future”.

Devoteam, a leading technology consulting company with 25 years of experience, present in 18 countries in the EMEA region and with over 8,000 employees, will reinforce its investment in Portugal. A BOLD shareholder for the past 4 years, the French brand has taken a step with the intention of accelerating Portuguese businesses through the combination of the best technological partners, investment in internal talent and multidisciplinarity of its teams.

With the new brand, there is also an ambitious local strategy based on strategic partnerships with key cloud providers – AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft – and multi-local partners like OutSystems. In addition to the Cloud area, Devoteam’s strategic plan also focuses on technologies and services such as cybersecurity, data, hyper-automation and sustainability. By the end of 2022, Devoteam in Portugal expects to achieve over €65 Million of revenue, coming from the various services and to recruit 400 employees.

“Since 2009, we have been building a path that we are very proud of and along which we have been growing and reaching new heights with our employees, customers and partners. Devoteam in Portugal represents the next step in the work we have been developing in our country”, says Bruno Mota, Managing Director of Devoteam in Portugal, “we are more motivated than ever to continue our mission of combining creativity and strategy with technology to build a better future”, he concludes.

About Devoteam
Devoteam is a leading consulting firm focused on digital strategy, tech platforms and cybersecurity. By combining creativity, tech and data insights, we empower our customers to transform their business and unlock the future.

With 25 years’ experience and 8,500 employees across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Devoteam promotes responsible tech for people and works to create better change.