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Xray, a good tool to plan and execute tests

Recently, Devoteam held an event for its Quality Assurance (QA) community, the Tech Cluster QA Live Meet up

For this event, Devoteam invited Cristiano Cunha, Solution Architect and Testing Advocate at Xray by Xblend, a leading test management app with more than 5.6 million users across 5,000 companies including 137 of the Global 500 like BMW, Samsung and Airbus.

In his presentation, Cristiano talked about the tool, presented some cases, and demonstrated some test planning and execution.

Xray is one of the most important tools our experts in Quality Assurance and testing use, and it has helped Devoteam to provide proper tests to its customers. According to Dalila Branco, Head of Quality Assurance at Devoteam Portugal, “Xray is important because In addition to being the most complete test management tool on the market and the ease it offers in integrating with several other tools, the existing support and documentation is beyond excellent. I could list many other benefits, but I believe it is enough to say that this is the tool of choice for all our testing Projects.”

Curious about what was talked in the session? We recorded the presentation, that you can watch at the below video: