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Creating a sustainable and smart office environment

Achieving a healthy and productive office environment.


The snapshot


Achieving a healthy and productive office environment


Understanding the office climate through data


Strategy through IoT software

The challenge

The client is a leading pharmaceutical company with more than 43,000 employees. To achieve optimal productivity, and more importantly, maximum employee satisfaction, changes to the office environment were required.

To understand which changes needed to be applied, it was imperative to grasp the current situation through data.

The solution

Devoteam came in and helped the company test the 75% desk coverage hypothesis. This was done by developing a strategy and software using IoT and smart sensors for monitoring.

Essentially, this knowledge could be used for understanding desk occupancy in real-time, smart energy reduction, and smart cleaning. One of the best results of the project is that the company now had data-driven cantina planning that could minimize food waste – something that normally accounts for between one-third and one-half of all food produced.

The data provides better utilization of professional space as well as resulting in an optimized working environment.

The better change

Through adapted energy use

Avoiding food waste

Better utilization of office space