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Laravel – a powerful, feature-rich PHP framework


Why we choose Laravel for customised PHP projects

For those who may not know, Laravel is an open-source PHP framework based on Symfony designed for the development of web applications, that provides an elegant syntax for common tasks such as routing, authentication, and caching.

Over the years, Laravel has consistently been the most widely used PHP framework due to several reasons, but as our experts say, “Laravel is a blank paper that comes with a set of tools that allow you to make it what you need, almost like a box of Legos. As a full-stack PHP framework, it enables the development of unique and tailored solutions from the back office to the platform.

Among the benefits of Laravel, our experts highlight these:

  • Easy to use
    One of the key benefits of Laravel is its ease of use. This framework is designed to make the development process as simple and intuitive as possible, organise the project’s base structure and provision advanced “out-of-box” features. Among these features, is the management of databases abstractly in terms of type, from MySQL, SQL server, MongoDB, and others. For example, Laravel’s routing system is simple and easy to understand, allowing developers to quickly map URLs to controllers. Additionally, the framework’s syntax is clean and expressive, making it easy to read and understand.
  • Out-of-the-box security
    Another benefit of Laravel is a large number of security tools provided, such as protection against CSRF attacks, SQL injection and other common threats, helping to ensure the security of your application. The framework also includes features like authentication and authorisation – this means developers do not have to waste time building these features from scratch, which can save them a significant amount of time and effort.
  • Community of developers
    The open-source community is an important supporter of the framework and actively contributes with additional features and packages. This has made PHP more attractive to programmers, as it allows for easier and more agile development and even guarantees consistency in code quality. This large and active community of developers created a wide range of packages that can be easily integrated into Laravel applications. 

Overall, Laravel is a powerful, feature-rich PHP framework that makes it easy to build web applications.

Its ease of use, out-of-the-box security, and support given by a growing community of developers make it a popular and reliable choice. Its main advantage is giving more reach and possibilities to the development of a simple website, a robust API or something unique and out of the box. 

Our choice for Laravel is a strategic one to ensure excellence and, as a consequence, customer satisfaction. Laravel is a PHP framework with an expressive and elegant syntax.

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