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MyVinum – The Marketplace for Wine Lovers

glass of wine

The Snapshot


Conceptualization of a digital marketplace to connect wine lovers and producers


Leverage technology with modern architecture with Laravel, running on the cloud


Product-centric agile approach that could focus on the customer experience

The Challenge

MyVinum was born by and for enthusiasts of premium wines and has the ambition to grow and become the world’s OLX for this segment. As such, and with the aim of being a promoting vehicle among producers, wine lovers and curious, MyVinum challenged us to create a platform, customized and developed according to their needs, requirements and strategy, to promote this union. Throughout the project, we held constant sessions with the client to review flows, improvements and new needs that were identified. This constant interaction reinforced the customer’s constant availability and trust in our work, which allowed us to work as a partnership relationship and not just as a supplier-customer.

The main challenge was to create a new brand, concept and platform from scratch. Although initially, it seems like a “simple” platform, with few functionalities, as with any digital product, evolution is part of it and during the development process, we have identified flows/features, that either needed to be re-evaluated or added to the project in order to meet the needs of both the client and the users. However, as we always work in a partnership logic and with the objective of developing the best project for the client and its users, we always managed to reach a good understanding that lead to success.

The Solution

For a challenge like MyVinium, the solution was clear, a product-centric agile approach that could focus on the customer experience leveraging great technology with modern architectures with Laravel and running on the cloud. Creative Tech wanted to embrace the challenge from the first minute and be in fact an extension of its team and not just a supplier.
That’s why, from the beginning of the collaboration, we discussed flows, the client let us know the target, and with each new interaction, we were designing information architecture, supported by wireframes and completed by an intuitive interface. We work in an agile way, so the development team, a tech lead, a frontend, a backend and the cloud team always participated proactively in all work sessions.

After 6 months the platform was launched.
In a short version, what can we do in MyVinum? Any user can register and join a “wine lovers community”, by subscribing to different plans with different features and offers associated.

The purpose of the platform is to work as a virtual stand, where wine suppliers can make their products known and potential buyers can get to know the product and negotiate through a chat directly with the supplier.

These are some of the services available:
  • Personalized wine search – by price, currency, name, region, variety, type, etc.
  • Custom advertisement publishing
  • Subscription to plans based on user needs (
  • Integrated Payment Solution (Paypal)
  • Watchlist – possibility to define a specific search for a bottle of wine and receive an alert on my profile if a wine is published that matches the characteristics of my search
  • Chat
  • Favourites
Mockup of the app

The better change

A web platform: developed and customized to MyVinum

Digital presence: connection to wine lovers all over the world

Focus on the user: developed to offer the best experience to the users