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In Healthcare–Information is Everything

Continuity of Care Record: Data Visualization for Better Clinical Cycle Management

The snapshot


Complex Information made simple and accessible through intuitive dashboards


Data Consolidation allows for a detailed overview of a patient’s history


Enhanced UI/ UX enthusiastically received by healthcare professionals

The Challenge

In a Healthcare context, information – readily accessible, accurate and up to date – is everything. More so in the cases of complex patients, who pose a difficult challenge in terms of clinical management- they often require different therapies and medications, that sometimes conflict with one another and require precise coordination between different medical specialties. To complicate matters further, a patient may be assisted for different pathologies in different healthcare units, with their own independent IT systems and communication networks.

Our client needed a solution to aggregate, consolidate and display complex information scattered across multiple services and healthcare units – so the healthcare professionals would be able to provide the best service possible.

The Solution

With this in mind, Devoteam Portugal developed the CCR (Continuity of Care Record) – this solution collects information from all available sources of the client’s healthcare facilities and systems, consolidates and displays that information in a uniquely designed UX/ UI environment based around individual timelines and episodes, unifying all relevant clinical information in one intuitive dashboard.

Now, all the patient’s clinical data can be reviewed under a single roof, regardless of the specialty or healthcare unit (clinical notes, release notes, exams, prescriptions, and any other relevant information generated during the patient’s clinical cycle) – this increases the effectiveness and safety of clinical procedures and generates a more collaborative and integrated environment between medical specialties, in designing therapeutic approaches.

The better change

Increases effectiveness and accuracy of medical interventions

Improves the management of patient’s clinical cycles

Reduces chances of errors due to lack of information

Fosters a collaborative and integrated approach between different specialties and units

Widely received by healthcare professionals as a game-changing solution