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ResultLink: helping the work of healthcare professionals

The Snapshot


Unifying clinical information and better data consolidation;


A clear and centralized overview of the patient’s clinical history and prescriptions;


Cutting through bureaucratic processes;

Our Client & Context

Luz Saúde was created in 2000. It is one of the largest healthcare groups in the Portuguese market.
The group provides its services through 28 units and achieves the best health outcomes from the patient’s perspective through rapid and effective diagnosis and treatment, with absolute respect for their individuality and creating an organization capable of attracting, developing and retaining exceptional people.
Luz Saúde’s vision is to be a reference operator in the provision of healthcare, through the practice of excellence in medicine and innovation in highly specialized and complex healthcare.

The Challenge

In the pursuit of its activity, Luz Saúde is concerned with inserting itself and supporting the training of its employees. It contributes to a healthier and more solidary society with those who, for some reason, are more fragile.
Luz Saúde had patient’s relevant clinical information fragmented and scattered across many different systems, with each medical department owning different data in different platforms.
They needed a solution to break down those silos and unify the patient’s prescriptions and exams record under the same governance, even allowing the integration with third party systems.
A solution that allows a better experience when attended in one of Luz Saúde’s units, as a direct result of faster, more efficient processes. With the Outsystems platform, we were able to create a solution that improves the hospital, staff and patients a better experience.

The Solution

Using the OutSystems technology allowed the rapid development and implementation of a very complex solution that unified the prescriptions and exams management system across the Luz Saúde infrastructure.
It’s an overarching, intuitive and cross-departmental application, that unifies the workflow of the entire cycle of medical exams, from prescription to results – we called it ResultLink.
It allows the healthcare professional to access and validate reports produced within the system or integrated with third-party systems – the clinical reports and results are automatically sent to the Patient’s Information Management System and made available to the Client Portal.

Better change

Improvement of patient experience;

Cost reduction in equipment acquisitions and software licensing;

A better experience when attended in one of Luz Saúde’s units, as a direct result of faster, more efficient processes;