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ChatGPT, threat or opportunity?

ChatGPT e AI, threat ou opportunity?

Last April, our Director and Head of Devoteam Creative Tech, Bruno Amaral, wrote an opinion article about ChatGPT for Sapo TEK, in which he analysed how does it impacts our companies and professionals.

According to Bruno Amaral’s point of view, ChatGPT can be a threat or an opportunity, and it has been worrying many voices in the technology sector. Amaral states that many “fear that ChatGPT could be the first of several tools that come to distort the need for the human touch and occupy our place”. Nevertheless, he sees it as an opportunity, and we should rethink how to account new technologies such as ChatGPT, when thinking about new products, services and other experiences with impact on the business.

If you want to read the full article, click here.