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Devoteam joins ISEG and AWS to launch Postgraduate Studies in AI and Machine Learning

Lisbon, February 28th of 2023 – Devoteam, AWS and ISEG joined efforts and competencies to develop the second edition of the Post-Graduation in Applied Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, which aims to promote the understanding of the theory and practice of Machine Learning, as a solution for the new challenges of organizations and businesses. 

The curriculum of this Graduate Program has as main objectives the understanding of where and how to use the main Machine Learning algorithms in an organization; analysing and preparing data for Machine Learning projects; learning fundamental programming concepts in Python; understanding and solving regression and classification problems; learn how to develop an end-to-end Machine Learning project; between others.

AWS and Devoteam will be responsible for ensuring the infrastructure and parameterization of the solutions so that all participants in this course have a truly impactful journey of developing their skills.

To make the experience more realistic and practical for everyone, they will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real cases of well-known companies and organizations.

Nuno Ferreira, Head of A Cloud, says that “this partnership with AWS and ISEG to guide a Post Graduation in AI and Machine Learning is a source of pride for the entire company, but it is also a great responsibility for which we are prepared. The curriculum and syllabus of this course are a great tool for all those who wish to deepen their knowledge in this field, but are also proof of how they are gaining more and more relevance in the market and companies.”

“The Postgraduate Degree in Applied Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning –says Professor Jorge Caiado, professor of the course – at ISEG it is a great opportunity to explore the various dimensions of Artificial Intelligence, from the most used technologies, having the AWS infrastructure as a reference, to the main modelling techniques, including the latest developments in Deep Learning, as well as very recent AI Privacy and Security. To consolidate all this knowledge, participants will have to develop an end-to-end AI project based on a real company case. It is a comprehensive and innovative postgraduate course, which adds a lot of value to the skills and performance of the participants.”

A Postgraduate Degree in Applied Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning starts on the 3rd of March, and applications can be made here.