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Boston Scientific | The patient’s journey – now with GPS navigation


The Snapshot


Better Workflow: Integrates clinical information from multiple sources under one roof, enabling optimized case management


Visibility and Collaboration: Enables the clear visibility of critical information and promotes cooperation between multidisciplinary teams


User Acclaimed UX / UI Design: built with the end user in mind, presents medical teams with reliable data in a carefully designed environment

The Challenge

Established in Massachusetts in 1979, Boston Scientific is at the forefront of biotech research, committed to continuously developing cutting-edge medical solutions and producing proprietary devices used in multiple clinical specialities ranging from cardiology and cardiac surgery to urology, endoscopy, and oncology.

It is in this context that Devoteam worked on the creation and implementation of Clearpath, a groundbreaking solution for healthcare professionals.

Clearpath was initially developed with a specific context in mind: triage and management of candidates for Left Atrial Appendage Closure (LAAC) surgery – but the solution displayed so much potential, that has since escalated and expanded to include other therapies such as subcutaneous implantable cardiac defibrillators, deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease, deep vein thrombosis and interventional oncology.

Given the complexity of the procedure, the process of defining eligibility for this type of surgery is a fairly complicated one, involving multiple steps, exams and consultations. Working with a hospital client, the HS&P advisory team concluded that physicians could fail to identify up to 90% of patients that would benefit from this procedure.

Devoteam created a solution that supports and guides medical teams along the entire process – gathering, processing, and displaying critical clinical information that supports the management of the entire process of triage, surgery, and recovery.

The Solution

Imagine the complexities of a hard-to-diagnose medical condition and the intricate surgical procedure that resolves it – with all the exams, triages, consultations, and evaluations associated with it.

Now add the support and guidance of the turn-by-turn function of a SatNav/GPS. This is a very accurate visual analogy for the solution Devoteam developed.

Like a GPS Navigation System, Clearpath effectively roadmaps and provides support to the patient’s journey through what sometimes is very complex and long clinical pathways – from the eligibility verification and triage phase to the following clinical cycles of surgery and recovery, providing medical personnel with clear, up-to-date critical information.

This solution collects and aggregates all relevant clinical information, tasks, and communications between healthcare professionals with a direct impact on a patient’s case. It generates checklists and reports, with status changes and next steps clearly discernible in the solution´s uniquely designed visual environment.

Clearpath provides unparalleled visibility and transparency, optimizes labour-intensive document-heavy processes, and enables cooperation between multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals.

The Better Change

Award Winning Solution – recipient of 2022 OutSystems Innovation Award

Streamlined and agile referral of patients – More people are accurately diagnosed based on collected data

Improves the management of patient’s clinical cycles

Helps clinicians focus on healthcare, rather than documenting processes

Provides teams with clear 360º visibility of a patient’s case

Highly Scalable – Clearpath is being adapted to suit many different types of therapeutics

Agility and trust were the two things front of mind when we chose OutSystems. It provides the speed needed to maximize agile, iterative development and the security best practices to keep clinical data safe. We were also impressed by the breadth and expertise of the OutSystems partner network, and we’re delighted with our partnership with Devoteam.