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Sushi at Home: food delivery done right

The Snapshot


Digital strategy aiming to grow digital sales organically by 50%


New mobile and web app, streamlined and optimized for a better customer experience


Focus on safety, data, efficiency and customer feedback

The Challenge

Sushi at Home was born in February 2015, it has been gaining its place in the market, becoming the leader in sushi home deliveries in the Lisbon area. The company created a leading sushi delivery concept in Lisbon that transformed their business by delivering a customer experience that joined a solid digital journey and the quality of product and service.

With all the experience of the past few years, Sushi at home has decided to rethink the customer experience and improve business value and satisfaction. The main goal was to grow digital sales organically by 50% and convert all call centre sales to digital. Sushi at Home is committed to providing the best customer experience and therefore wanted to develop more channel options.

By analysing and collecting data and information, Sushi at Home came to the realisation that the best thing to do was to give the platform an update that would be beneficial not only for the company but especially to their customers. . Working with Devoteam since 2016, Sushi at Home knew that our team was the right choice for this project.

The Solution

With a bigger focus on data, the customer and customer feedback, an agile UX and an experienced design process, Devoteam designed new flows and experiences across all channels.

Our team was responsible for rethinking all the main areas such as the registration and authentication with an enhanced centralised customer data platform, the checkout process with a faster and more direct experience, and digital channels that will provide a more efficient and consistent experience between devices.

This new solution enhances measurement and automation, allowing the client to deliver more value to customers and manage the relationship more efficiently. With our approach, the client has benefited from various advantages:

  • Omnichannel Solution: a responsive website and mobile apps;
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness: optimization of orders delivery process;
  • Focus on the customer: improved customer experience through the redesign of critical processes and more consistent interfaces;
  • Data-driven: stronger focus on data and customer feedback for continuous improvement.

The Better Change

A new and improved customer journey and experience across all devices

Faster and optimized app and web experiences

Better security, registration and authentication with an enhanced centralised customer data platform