The Complete Guide to Software Development Nearshoring 2.0

Software development offshoring originally became interesting because of scaling capabilities and price points. On top of that, typical nearshoring destinations in Europe offered a better cultural fit and were closer to the client’s business.

While price points, scaling abilities, and cultural fit still are important, companies of today need to take a step even further to ensure engagement, loyalty, quality, and transparency throughout their entire value chain – We call it Nearshoring 2.0.

Which chapters are in this whitepaper?

  • Nearshoring in a Hybrid World
  • Differences between Offshore, Nearshore, and Reshore Development
  • Choosing the Right Software Development Outsourcing Partner
  • Why do Companies Fail using Nearshoring Services
  • Why Portugal is Becoming “the Silicon Valley of Europe”
  • Devoteam – Your Next Nearshoring Partner
  • Why do we Attract so Many Talents?

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